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Craving wisdom

Craving wisdom

I remember how she stated that twitter isn’t a place of education; I remember how I felt in that moment because it resonated so deeply with what I’d started realizing just a few months prior.

Epiphany. That’s what it was.

I started understanding that not everyone who logs in to this application is there to learn something, but I found myself wondering why a person wouldn’t want to learn something anyways?

So yes, twitter isn’t school, but if I’m in a position to learn something from someone around the world, why wouldn’t I take that opportunity?

I guess that’s why the quote “small things amuse small minds”; keeps coming to mind.

Take your small-mindedness and go be entertained by the non-educational bull on your timeline. I’ll camp on my timeline with the most amazing wisdom being shared, almost daily.

I absolutely love the people who share their journeys on twitter. There is so much that one can learn from people openly sharing their experiences and speaking their truth.

I learn a lot on my twitter daily, regardless of the topic, and I RT like crazy because I often find that even the people following me can learn something from other people sharing their truths.

My timeline is an amazing space, not too formal all the time, but not too informal all the time, but when people drop gems. I’m always in awe.

A timeline cleanout was so necessary, because now more than ever, I login knowing that the topics being discussed on my timeline aren’t as redundant as the one’s being discussed on other people’s timelines.

It’s such an amazing thing, and it’s made me understand a few things: I’m not on twitter for the people who want to spread nothing but negativity – I have outgrown that, the same things that I would find funny in 2011, suddenly aren’t all that amusing to me anymore.

I find that knowing that you gain a little bit of knowledge regardless of the medium is something so amazing. Your entire perception on what you surround yourself with changes because your soul yearns to learn more, and it’s that desire to keep learning things from other people ad listening to their stories that makes me keep coming back. There’s so much wisdom to be shared.

Being stuck in avenues that halt my growth isn’t for me and I guess that’s why I live for intellectual conversations.

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