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#2X – As voting looms: Will you stand on the side lines, or will you get involved?

#2X – As voting looms: Will you stand on the side lines, or will you get involved?


The older generation often states that our current generation doesn’t have any struggles, that we were born with silver spoons in our mouths and all the opportunities that are available to us make our lives much easier.


South Africa, my beautiful land, you are torn into a million pieces almost daily. Your people are in pain and the bright future we were told about as children, seems more like a demonic present. We had no idea that we would be here. We had no idea that those who liberated your people, would later be the ones your people needed liberation from.


South Africa, your children are hurting. How do we help them?


The older siblings have passed down such toxic mannerisms and ways of doing things. We are toxic. When we are unhappy, we destroy all that we spent the last two decades rebuilding. We destroy the systems in place meant to benefit us and help our people progress from the corners that they were kept in for all those painful years. How do we remove the toxins from those who lead and poison your progress from the inside? It’s like the venom you’ve been injected with from one snake has taken complete control of your body and soul and we’re all standing on the sidelines – judging and telling you that you need to take yourself to the hospital.


My beautiful South Africa, we continue to fail you each and every day. We fail to protect your legacies, from being tainted and ruined by this poison, and as we approach the month that focuses on Women’s liberation, we are faced with some tough questions. Who we select to lead this time around, has to be capable to lead and maintain area’s in a manner that municipalities benefit and thus, a better system of leading can be implemented. How do we ensure that the purity of those who dedicate themselves to servicing the people can be maintained? How do we ensure that a quick removal of venom from those who place themselves above the communities they promised to serve and protect is possible?


We are watching you burn, your people are destroying each other and all they are being promised is a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow that could come anything from 5 years to a century from now.


The youth, they were told of all these opportunities, that so many people died for, that so many parents were lost to. They are reminded of the struggle and live in a painful world trying to understand where these opportunities they speak of are coming from. They are giving up, from job creation to lack of access to education because the cost of learning is too high, to young girls who can barely afford to buy sanitary towels that they end up missing school. To those young students who are still, in 2016, being taught under a tree.


We swore to protect them, to build on that and focus on bettering them. But how do we state that there aren’t enough funds for these things, yet we miraculously find billions of Rand’s for things that we deem unnecessary and a waste of money? The loss that comes with corruption is also often forgotten, the impact of this is substantial.


I guess if the onus is on the youth to build and protect your body, you land – the question remains, if the older generation got us here, how can they question our lack of faith – when we were raised by them, when we were taught by them that violence is how we get what we want.


I guess at some point, the passing of the baton has to come with a complete shift in mentality and manner of doing things. Does this mean that we need to work on changing things? Yes. A vote for a party one feels is worth something. So how do you plan on implementing change in your country? By standing on the side line and watching other people cast their vote, or by getting involved?


The choice is yours, but your choice affects all of us. We’re a nation and that means, we’re all in this together.


“We hashtag everything and “X” collaborations, Use abbreviations and forget about punctuation. But so what? Cause, we migrated from a mind set of “we have to”. To “We want to”. So rather than know a lot about a little, we decided it was better to know a little about a lot. That’s how we create business without having to leave our house
And yes we have apps… to order pizza. You criticising my generation, forgetting who raised it.You brought us in this world, well guess who is gonna change it!”

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