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#2x – The ‘Sugar Daddy’ Infestation

  Why do we always manage to excuse the decisions of grown men as “they’re just being men” even when their behaviours are tantamount to ruining an entire generation? Why do we accept that fathers, uncles, cousins and even friends prey on young girls – that...


Whiteness and the Apartheid legacy.

There was this thread on twitter by @PieterHowes the other day about whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy, and the impact of Apartheid on South Africa and why racial tensions continue to penetrate through every issue in this country. Please take a moment to read this....

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My first love.

  Have you ever just sat and lost yourself in your thoughts, and stumbled onto someone you’d hoped your heart had forgotten about? Have you ever tried burying someone so deep in your mind that every time they made their way into your conscious mind, your...


#BETXAfrica – BET Experience Africa 2015

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrbV-UDvRCg   BET Experience Africa provides the perfect kick off to your festive season! Taking over the Ticketpro Dome for a non-stop, jam-packed day of entertainment on December 12th, 2015. BET Exeprience Africa will bring together lovers of urban culture and music through the ultimate lifestyle festival. Wowing...


Emotional fluidity: Shades of grey

Have you ever been in a situation where your partner had an issue with the connection you had with your friends? Where you showing affection to your friends made them uncomfortable and no matter how much you tried to explain or prove to your partner...